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Be unique !

In homage to your favourite character's favourite character, discover the jersey of the greatest and most charismatic of the Uchiwa, Itachi!

Treat yourself to a unique piece

In the Naruto universe, Itachi Uchiwa is a symbol of strength, sacrifice and complexity. Itachi has captivated fans with his tumultuous history and his unwavering sense of duty to his village, Konoha.

To wear this shirt is to wear the colours of loyalty, bravery and sacrifice. We are reminded of his brotherly bond with Sasuke, his role as protector and his quest for justice in a world plagued by war.

You'll notice the subtle details on this shirt, such as the symbol of the hidden village of Konoha.

The ideal gift for a manga fan 

Treat your loved ones to an original gift. Imagine their surprise when they discover the Moonlight Itachi Edition Japan jersey inspired by their favourite character, making this gift unique.

Spark joy, admiration and reflection. As football legends battle it out on the pitch, remember that true greatness lies in the courage, compassion and resilience of figures like Itachi Uchiwa.

Wear Sakkanime!

Features :

  • Mixed jersey
  • Comfortable
  • Natural movements
  • Composition: 100% recycled polyester
  • European sizes
  • Machine washable: cold inside out (no spinning for flocked shirts)