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Be unique !

In homage to one of the characters with the most flow, the jersey of the mysterious and fearsome masked Tobi!

Treat yourself to a unique piece

This jersey celebrates the power, determination and enigmatic character of Tobi, one of the leaders of the Akatsuki. A symbol of manipulation, strategy and mystery, Tobi has captivated generations of fans with his behind-the-scenes actions and ambitious plans.

Tobi has left his mark on history through his ability to manipulate events and control reality. His career, from attacking Konoha with the Kyûbi to manipulating members of the Akatsuki, demonstrates his strategic genius and unshakeable will. His true identity as Obito Uchiwa, once Kakashi's companion, has left a lasting impression on all those who have discovered his story.

To wear this jersey is to embody the will to overcome challenges with cunning and determination, just as Tobi did, using his intelligence and tenacity to achieve his goals.

You'll notice the subtle detail on this jersey, which is Tobi's sharingan.

The ideal gift for a manga fan 

Treat your loved ones to an original gift. Imagine their surprise when they discover the Jiraya Edition Japan jersey inspired by their favourite character, making this a unique gift.

Awaken joy, admiration and inspiration. As football legends battle it out on the pitch, remember that true greatness lies in strategy, mystery and resilience, just like Tobi masked.

Wear Sakkanime!

Features :

  • Mixed jersey
  • Comfortable
  • Natural movements
  • Composition: 100% recycled polyester
  • European sizes
  • Machine washable: cold inside out (no spinning for flocked shirts)