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Be unique !

In homage to your favourite character, discover the jersey of the great, charismatic and iconic Madara Uchiwa!

Treat yourself to a unique piece

This shirt celebrates the power, determination and indomitable character of Madara Uchiwa, the legendary leader of the Uchiwa clan. A symbol of power, strategy and tenacity, Madara has inspired generations of ninjas in his quest to achieve his ideal of peace through power.

Madara, armed with his sharingan and rinnegan, left his mark on history through his mastery of genjutsu and ninjutsu techniques. He initiated the founding of Konoha alongside Hashirama Senju, and his role in the Fourth Great Ninja War remains unforgettable. His Susanoo, the ultimate weapon, reflects his colossal power and invincibility.

To wear this shirt is to embody the will to dominate and surpass his limits, just as Madara did by manipulating events to achieve his goals, whether by confronting the Kages or becoming Jûbi's jinchūriki.

You'll notice the subtle detail on this shirt which is Madara's rinnegan.

The ideal gift for a manga fan 

Treat your loved ones to an original gift. Imagine their surprise when they discover the Madara Uchiwa Edition Japan jersey inspired by their favourite character, making this a unique gift.

Awaken joy, admiration and inspiration. As football legends battle it out on the pitch, remember that true greatness lies in power, strategy and tenacity, just like Madara.

Wear Sakkanime!

Features :

  • Mixed jersey
  • Comfortable
  • Natural movements
  • Composition: 100% recycled polyester
  • European sizes
  • Machine washable: cold inside out (no spinning for flocked shirts)