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Be unique !

In homage to your favourite character's favourite character, discover the jersey of the biggest and most charismatic of pirates, Monkey D. Luffy!

Treat yourself to a unique piece

This jersey celebrates the power, determination and indomitable character of Luffy, the future King of the Pirates. A symbol of freedom, adventure and willpower, Luffy inspires generations of fans with his quest to find the One Piece and fulfil his dreams.

With his Gear 5, Luffy left his mark on the history of One Piece with his breathtaking transformation. Gear 5, known as "Nika," unleashes the full potential of his Demon Fruit, Gomu Gomu no Mi. This form allows him to manipulate his rubber body in even more creative and powerful ways, defying the laws of physics and surpassing his previous limits.

This form embodies his unshakeable will and adventurous spirit, always ready to stand up and fight for his friends and dreams.

To wear this jersey is to embody the will to overcome obstacles and seek adventure, just as Luffy did, using his power and convictions to achieve his goals.

The ideal gift for a manga fan 

Treat your loved ones to an original gift. Imagine their surprise when they discover the Luffy Gear 5 Japan Edition jersey inspired by their favourite character, making this a unique gift.

Spark joy, admiration and inspiration. As football legends battle it out on the pitch, remember that true greatness lies in freedom, vision and resilience, just like Luffy.

Wear Sakkanime!

Features :

  • Mixed jersey
  • Comfortable
  • Natural movements
  • Composition: 100% recycled polyester
  • European sizes
  • Machine washable: cold inside out (no spinning for flocked shirts)