Japan 2023 SHIRT - Black Dragon Edition

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For customization, you can choose to write the name of your choice in English (Latin letters) or in Japanese. 

Example :

  • Japanese name (Japanese letters): 神龍 シェンロン
  • English name (Latin letters) : Shenron

Be unique !

In tribute to the famous dragon that occupies an important place in Japanese culture, discover the 'Black Dragon' collector's jersey.

Treat yourself to a unique piece

Over the years, you've probably come across this popular symbol of Japan, the Dragon. It has several meanings:

  1. Power and strength: often associated with power and strength. It is seen as a majestic creature with the ability to control the natural elements such as water, fire and wind.
  2. Wisdom: also associated with wisdom and intelligence. In many Japanese legends, the dragon is described as a wise and learned being with a profound knowledge of the mysteries of the world.
  3. Protection: regarded as a guardian and protector. It is supposed to watch over sacred places, temples and precious treasures.
  4. Imperial symbol: The dragon is closely linked to the Japanese imperial family. In ancient Japanese mythology, the emperor is considered a direct descendant of dragons. As such, the dragon is a symbol of royalty and imperial lineage.
  5. Transformation and change: The dragon is often associated with transformation and change in Japanese culture. It is seen as a creature that can metamorphose and move freely between different worlds.

These meanings vary according to legend, region and individual interpretation.

The ideal gift for a manga fan 

Make your loved ones happy and give them an original gift. Imagine their surprise when they discover the Japan Black Dragon Edition jersey, flocked with their favourite character to make this gift unique.

On a football pitch or with friends, don't be afraid to stand out! 

Wear Sakkanime!

Features :

  • Mixed jersey
  • Comfortable
  • Natural movements
  • Composition: 100% recycled polyester
  • European sizes
  • Machine washable: cold inside out (no spinning for flocked shirts)